What Should Your Bridesmaids Wear?

What To Wear: Bridesmaids Edition

Make sure your bridesmaids feel beautiful on your big day, with stylish dresses they might actually want to wear again.

If you are a bride that wants her friends to look and feel beautiful during your big day, then chances are, you are already on the hunt for something other than the mythical “typical” bridesmaid dress. You know the one. It’s made of ill-fitting organza, and somehow also includes an ungodly amount of taffeta, and it comes only in shades usually reserved for a nursery, Easter egg, or Barbie dream house. The hideous dress the beloved female lead is forced to wear in your favorite Rom Coms! Here at Texas Old Town, we love seeing bridesmaids dressed up in a row, wearing beautiful dresses you can tell they feel truly comfortable in. So, if you know your want your besties to feel great, but are having a hard time deciding what you want your lovely friends to wear as they precede you down the aisle, here are some fashion forward trends we love seeing!

How to Help Your Girls Shine

In order to make your friends feel confident and comfortable, as they support you on your wedding day, why not consider:

  • Letting each bridesmaid choose a dress she likes! Just offer a range of shades you would prefer, or a list of suitable materials, if you want to try to stick with a somewhat cohesive look. We even love seeing bridesmaids in different colors, but similar styled dresses, such as a variety of floor-length jewel toned dresses for a fall wedding, or knee-length number sin various shades of pale pinks and oranges for a spring celebration.
  • If some of your bridesmaids would feel much better in separates, encourage them to choose skirts and tops that suit their styles, or even stylish jumpsuits or pants. Again, create the semblance of unity with either a single shade, a common material, or one unifying accessory, such as matching bouquets, or necklaces that double as beautiful accessories and bridesmaids’ gifts.
  • You could even give your bridesmaids shoes for the wedding day, whether that means matching cowboy boots, comfy sneakers, stylish ballet flats or reception-ready flip flops.
  • If you have never really wanted all the attention on you and your white dress, don’t be afraid to ask your girls to wear various shades of ivory, champagne and other near-white colors. This can create beautiful bridal party photos, in which you graciously share the spotlight with your leading ladies.