Are There Alternatives to Fresh Wedding Flowers?

Non-traditional Flower ArrangementsNow that you are busy with wedding planning, is there one pesky question that keeps crossing your mind? Is there an alternative to opting for fresh wedding flowers? Whether you’re looking to be green, or save some, the good news is that you don’t have to purchase expensive flowers to make your day special and beautiful. In fact, there are some fun and earth-friendly alternatives to fresh-cut blooms. Today we’ll share a few of our favorites!

Look for Seasonal Touches That Bring Nature Inside

Depending on when you will be wedding, why not look to nature to provide sustainable flower alternatives that will help to bring the outdoors in, while also providing seasonal touches that can make your day special.

  • From adding pumpkins and gourds to tables at your autumn wedding venue, to fresh lemons and oranges, for a summer event, food can make for a festive flourish. Plus it comes with the benefit that it can be eaten after the wedding.
  • Do you have some gardening to do? Why not take those flowers you’ll be pruning from your yard, anyways, and add them to tables for a simple and fresh take on flower arrangements? To keep the look casual, mix varieties and vases, for an eclectic look that guests are sure to love!
  • Even cut branches make for great natural elements, when wrapped in lights, or painted in glitter. They can also be used as a charming way to hang photo displays!
  • Potted plants, or even herbs, are other great options for table décor that can also double as useful gifts for guests!
  • And, if you like the idea of flowers, just not the idea of throwing them away after the wedding, consider flowers crafted from fabric, burlap, paper or even wood. Sites like Etsy offer a number of beautiful flower arrangements you can order, that will last long after the wedding day is done. And since your home might not be big enough to house them all, consider gifting them to family members, friends, or donating them to a community center, school, church, nursing home, or other organization that might be able to use them!