Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

Is a Wedding Planner Right for You?Now that you said “yes,” to becoming his wife, it is time to let the wedding planning begin. While fun, in many ways, wedding planning can also be incredibly time consuming, and if you are not carefully, it can become stressful as well. This is just one of the many reasons many brides choose to hire wedding planners, to help with the work that goes into planning such a big day. If you are not sure whether you really need a wedding planner or not, these questions can help!

How Much Time Can You Really Afford to Plan?

Some brides-to-be are fortunate to find themselves in a season with ample time on their hands for wedding planning (teachers on summer break, for instance). But far more often, the responsibilities of work, school, kids and any other responsibilities chip away at the limited time a woman actually has to plan a wedding.

If you are already feeling busy, stressed or overwhelmed, without throwing wedding planning into the mix, it is likely a good idea to hire a wedding planner to take some of the burden of planning off your already weighted shoulders. Keep in mind that most planners offer a variety of packages, allowing brides to be exactly as involved as they would like, and as time permits.

Do You Have Outside (Reliable) Help?

Another important consideration is how much help you will have, when it comes to wedding planning. Sure, your friends are all ecstatic for you, and many probably offered their help. But how many live close enough to actually lend helping hands? How many have the time to dedicate to helping you attend to all the details that go into a wedding day?

If your family doesn’t live close by, you’re planning a destination wedding, or your friends are occupied with their own lives (possibly even their own wedding planning) you will likely find it extremely helpful to have a designated wedding planner be your go-to person for arranging wedding details on your behalf.