Does a Modern Bride Really Have to Wear White?

Romantic Wedding Dress IdeasAre you excited to be planning the wedding of your dreams, but far less thrilled at the idea of picking out a formal white wedding gown? Many modern brides feel that traditional wedding gowns just aren’t for them, yet they worry about whether it’s really okay for them to shirk this age-old tradition and go out on a limb by buying something they really love. While there may be a few old-fashioned guests that are shocked by your choice to wear something other than a white gown, here at Texas Old Town, we actually think it’s more than appropriate for a bride to wear something other than white on her wedding day. After all, this day is all about you (and your fiancé, of course). Why not let your personality shine in a gown, dress, or any other outfit that suits (and yes, suits work too) you?!

What Can You Wear Instead?

One trendy way to sidestep tradition is by choosing a formal gown that is simply in a shade that is more than not-quite white. We’re not talking ivory or even champagne, which have long been considered traditional shades for bridal attire.

We are talking blush, outright pink, and even black!

While some wedding gowns are made entirely in these bold hues, there are many more that embrace color in slightly more subtle ways, such as large ribbon sashes in a variety of bright colors, or tulle beneath the dress in colorful shades.

Of course, you don’t have to go with a traditional gown either. Skirt ensembles continue to be a bold wedding trend. Simple sundresses are also big hits with both spring and summer brides.

The point is, whether you’re hosting a simple outdoor wedding at a rustic venue, like ours, or a fancy evening in a ballroom, don’t be afraid to choose a formal dress (or even a jumpsuit or pantsuit) that speaks to you, and truly reflects your awesome personal style!