Easy Ways to Host a Greener Wedding: Part One

Green Wedding Tips and AdviceYou already know that your love is evergreen. But now are you hoping to find ways to make sure your wedding is green, as well? If you love the environment, and want to help protect it, even while planning your wedding, the good news is that there are several simple steps that can be taken to help plan a more environmentally-friendly wedding!

Send Out Green Stationery

One great way to start on an earth-friendly note, is by being conscious about your save-the-date and invitation choices. While some couples opt to go purely electronic with their communications, in an effort to save paper, if you do want to send physical invitations, consider those made from recycled materials. There are a number of stylish options available, these days. It’s also important to keep in mind that the less pieces you include, the better for the environment your suite will be, so consider asking for electronic RSVP’s.

Don’t Waste Wedding Food or Flowers!

Many weddings create a lot of wasted food, as well, and since you’ll be on your honeymoon after the wedding, it’s important to arrange for a way to share the abundance. (Hint: Your parents and other relatives may not want three weeks of leftovers to store at their house.) So, rather than creating waste in this way, or insisting guests take home what’s left, why not speak to your caterer about ways to ensure any leftover food finds its way to people in need? (Keep in mind that county and health department regulations may have stipulations about what food can be donated, how, and when. So ensure a plan is devised ahead of time.)

Often floral arrangements go to waste, as well, after being enjoyed for only a few hours at your wedding ceremony and reception. You likely spent a great deal of time choosing the perfect arrangements, so help ensure they have a home after your “I do’s” are exchanged. We suggest talking to your florist about having the flowers delivered to a local nursing home, hospital, or even a church.

There may be additional delivery fees, to have the leftover food, flowers and any other items delivered after your wedding. But what a worthwhile expense, to help protect the environment, generally prevent waste, and most importantly, enrich someone else’s life through your giving!