Easy Ways to Host a Greener Wedding: Part Two

http://stephensandgatewoodauburnlakes.com/blog/2016/10/what-does-your-smile-need-to-stay-healthy/As an environmentally-conscious couple, are you and your fiancé determined to plan a wedding that is both gorgeous and green? It is possible to prevent creating a giant carbon footprint, by making smart decisions where your wedding is concerned. If you are looking to host a wedding with as little waste as possible, and a small carbon footprint, here are some simple ways you can help to make sure your wedding day is both beautiful and bright.

Choose Décor That Can Be Reused

One practical way to prevent waste after your wedding is by carefully selecting decorative items that can be used long after your wedding is over. This is particularly true for DIY brides, who may be looking to save money or simply exert their creative muscle by creating much of the décor themselves. (Renting decorative items is another great option!)

You might actually want to recycle items to serve as your décor, in the first place. Painted bottles (wine or soda bottles, for instance) make great vases for flowers. You can also paint or decorate a variety of other glass jars or tin cans. Burlap, fabric, ribbon, and of course glitter can transform many everyday items into great wedding décor!

Buying secondhand items is another way to reuse, and reduce waste! Check local thrift stores for an eclectic mix of décor, or scour online sales for gently-used wedding items others have already enjoyed!

If you want to display engagement photos, or even snapshots from your courtship, consider choosing frames that can be used in your home, after the wedding day. Or, you could also frame wedding photos to give to family members and your bridal party, after your big day is done.

Give Gifts That Will Actually Be Enjoyed

Make sure you choose wedding gifts that will actually be enjoyed. This can best be done by choosing items you, yourself, would appreciate and use, whether that means personalized products, like a koozie, a responsibly-made candle, or often edible treats, which are always a hit.

To cut down on packaging, buy items in bulk, or better yet, make goodies yourself. Who doesn’t love a homemade cookie, or a jar of handmade jam?

Recyclable paper bags allow guests to create their own favors, from a dessert station or popcorn bar. Or, use recycled jars and other items to prepackage gifts.

Finally, if you will be having a photobooth, make this part of both the entertainment and guests’ gifts. What could be better than preservation of priceless memories? Plus, it’s a great way to stretch your wedding budget!