Fun Ways to Ask, ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?Now that you have answered the most important question of your life, “Will you marry me?” it is time for you to do some asking of your own, namely to ask your best friends if they will be your bridesmaids. Many modern brides are taking this opportunity to come up with creative and thoughtful ways to ask each of their friends to serve as their bridesmaids in their weddings, not to mention help as they embark on the adventure that is wedding planning. If you’re feeling stumped, though, just how to go about popping this question, here are some fun ideas!

Can You Plan a Special Gathering?

If possible, why not host a special brunch or party for all your future bridesmaids? This is a great way to get together with your girlfriends and to celebrate your engagement, while also springing the question on them!

You could have a cake created with the question on it, hand out cards for each to open at the same time, or even give them individual bottles of champagne, marked with your question.

Send the Happiest Mail!

For out-of-town friends, or if you won’t have time to host a party, consider sending out the happiest mail to each of them. There are beautiful greeting cards designed for just such an occasion, but we love the idea of adding personality to the package with a framed photo of the two of you, or a small gift – like a bracelet the girls can wear to your wedding.

A gift card inviting them for a coffee date or lunch, soon, to catch up and talk wedding details is also a thoughtful way to initiate your friends as bridesmaids.

Or, send them a wedding-centric gift, such as your favorite wedding-themed Rom-Com, a wedding magazine, tissues, and wedding mints, along with the card asking for your girls to stand by your side on your big day.