Have You Planned an Engagement Party?

Engagement Party Planning TipsNow that you have the ring on your left hand, and have made your engagement both Instagram and Facebook official, have you considered the possibility of planning an engagement party? Many couples immediately start wedding planning after becoming engaged, and they often quickly become overwhelmed at all that entails. This is unfortunate, though, when your engagement, itself, should be a milestone well celebrated and one that you actually pause long enough to really enjoy! If you want to honor your engagement in style, especially before starting the marathon that is planning a wedding, an engagement party is a great way to celebrate with friends and family this momentous occasion in your life!

Celebrate the Start of Your Next Chapter

Again, wedding planning will come with plenty of worries all its own. So before you tackle that, why not schedule a far more laidback and intimate celebration of your engagement, itself, with your closest loved ones?

  • There is no requirement to invite anyone that you don’t want present (not even cousins that your mom will pressure you into inviting to the wedding).
  • An engagement party is also a great way to celebrate with anyone you know won’t be able to attend your wedding (particularly if you are planning a destination wedding), or if you are planning a long engagement.
  • Choosing a location close to your current home is a wonderful way to ensure coworkers and friends are able to attend, without the added stress of making travel accommodations.
  • It can also serve as a great way to thank any friends or relatives that helped make your engagement possible, such as the couple that introduce the two of you, or the sister/best friend who helped your fiancé find the perfect ring!