Hoping to Plan a Holiday Engagement? Here’s How!

Planning the Perfect Holiday EngagementSure, it might feel like the pressure is officially on, now that the holiday season is quickly approaching and you know that your beloved girlfriend is expecting (or at least hoping for) an epic holiday proposal. But that doesn’t mean you have to break into a cold sweat, trying to pull off the perfect winter wedding proposal! We are here to help provide some simple tips that can help you plan a lovely engagement, without all the stress!

Choose a Special Place

One easy way to ensure your proposal is a success is by first choosing the perfect place. That doesn’t necessarily mean the fanciest restaurant in your town. It just means a place where you will fee confident popping the most important question of your life, preferably some place with meaning to the two of you, or simply a lovely backdrop for your engagement.

From a park where you had your first date, to the school where you first met, think about the locations that have the most meaning to you, and choose one where you can see yourself bending a knee (yes, most women still really like that!).

Preserve the Magic Moment with Photography and/or Videography

Another important consideration is that your soon-to-be-fiance will likely appreciate a chance to relive such a special moment, through photographs, film, or some other means of capturing the occasion.

If you’re worried about ruining the surprise by bringing along a professional photographer, consider these solutions:

Give the photographer all the details behind your secret proposal, and then ask her or him to follow the two of you from a safe and discreet distance until after she’s said “yes.” Then the two of you could take some photos together, to commemorate the moment.

Or, tell your girlfriend that you have planned a couples photo session for the two of you, then make it an extra special surprise, by then popping the question, on film!