Is an Outdoor Wedding Really Right for You?

Is An Outdoor Wedding Right for You?Are you in love with the idea of a romantic outdoor wedding, but unsure whether or not you will love it in reality? Many brides and grooms find themselves on the fence, so to speak, when it comes time to decide if an outdoor wedding is really right for them or not. Planning your dream wedding doesn’t have to feel complicated or stressful, though. In fact, we think finding the perfect wedding venue for you should be fun! With that in mind, here are some simple ways to help decide if an outdoor wedding is really right for you.

When Will You Be Getting Married?

One of the easiest ways to determine if an outdoor wedding is feasible, much less whether or not it will live up to your fantasy for it, is by deciding when you will be getting married. Most couples find this question one of the easiest to answer, either due to funding issues (when they will have the money saved), or vacation schedules (many teachers opt to marry during time off from work/school).

While you don’t need a specific date in mind, knowing whether you’re thinking about a spring, summer, autumn or winter wedding can certainly help you look at the practical realities of planning an outdoor wedding.

Where Do You Hope to Say “I Do”

Secondly, the general location of your wedding can also be an important factor in determining how practical an outdoor wedding really is. Couples here in our home state of Texas, for instance, find that spring and autumn weddings are often much easier to plan outside, than those scheduled in the often blistering heat of summer. Of course, what time of day you plan to wed can also be a big factor. Morning weddings in the summer are much more enjoyable than those hosted at midday. Likewise, an afternoon winter wedding will provide a lot more natural light than a nighttime ceremony.

While it is possible to make an outdoor wedding work during any season, being realistic about what that will entail is a great and wise way to decide if you truly want to wed outside, or if you prefer the idea of an indoor venue (or, if you want both, like we offer here at Texas Old Town!).