Let Them Eat Cake, or Any of These Fun Wedding Cake Alternatives

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding CakeAh, the nearly age old question, to serve cake or not at your wedding reception? If you have a sweet tooth, but you’re unsure if it will be satisfied with traditional wedding cake, feel free to take some liberties with the dessert menu at your wedding reception. In fact, your guests might just be pleasantly surprised to learn that cake is not on the menu, so long as what is serving in its place is equally delicious, and maybe even considerably more fun!

What Alternatives Can Be Served, Instead?

Cookies – why not throw it back to your favorite after-school snack with a cookie station, complete with all your favorite kinds of cookies, plus milk for dipping and drinking. Sure, you could go with a gourmet bakery, or you could also create a hodgepodge of your favorite (store-bought) favorites like Oreos, Chips Ahoy!, Nutter Butter, etc. Macaroons are another classy option, and they come in delightful flavor combinations.

Cupcakes – if you love cake, you just aren’t crazy about the idea of serving slices to hundreds of your friends and family, why not opt for cupcakes instead, either standard-sized, or in miniature sizes perfect for sampling a variety of flavors. Cake pops are an even tinier and trendier way to serve cake!

Pie – pie manages to be both a classic dessert, and a cute one, as well. Whether you serve up individual-sized pies baked into jars, or slice up several of your favorites, your guests are sure to love the offerings. But pie isn’t the only classic dessert that makes a great alternative to wedding cake. Banana pudding and cobbler are classics, paired with BBQ feasts. Brownies go great with American fare.

What Other Considerations Can Be Made?

If you want something that serves as both dessert and a form of entertainment at your wedding reception, why not consider a food truck that specializes in dessert, such as a crepe station, churro or ice cream sandwich truck? DIY dessert stations, where guests can create smores, ice cream sundaes, or even create bags of candy and other treats, are also fun additions to your reception! Just make sure you plan on something sweet to serve up at your wedding!