Three Tips for Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

Setting Your Wedding Budget TipsAre you thrilled to be planning your wedding, but a bit nervous about whether or not you and your fiancé will actually be able to stick to the budget you have set for yourselves? For many couples, especially those that are paying for a wedding on their own, it can be incredibly important that they spend within their means. Before that can be done, though, it’s important to make some smart decisions while setting your budget, to begin with. Then, it’s simply a matter of sticking to your goals as closely as possible!

1. Set Realistic Goals.

First, it is important to set a realistic budget. While it might not be fun, the biggest priority should be ensuring that whatever you spend is a responsible amount, and something in line with other financial goals you might have. If you are also saving for a house, or a honeymoon, for instance, make sure the amount you decide to spend on the wedding will still allow you to save for these other priorities!

The good news is that once your budget is set, making smart decisions about how to spend the money can feel a lot simpler and less stressful.

2. Prioritize Your Investments.

Regardless of how much your budget winds up being, it can be helpful to realize that most brides end up having to compromise in some areas, in order to pull of the beautiful wedding of their dreams while still staying within their budget. Yes, even the brides with $50,000 to spend on their weddings, still end up cutting some corners.

Being realistic about the fact that you may need to adjust your expectations, slightly, according to your budget, can help keep your spending on track, and make sure you focus on the most important things, like the fact that you’re starting a new chapter together, as husband and wife.

3. If You Overspend Make Adjustments Quickly.

While going over budget, overall, should not be considered an option, there is still a way to splurge a little on things that really matter to you, without breaking the bank, so to speak. What’s the trick?

Once you have decided what is most important to you, securing your dream wedding venue, for instance, or purchasing the wedding dress you fell in love with even though it was more than you wanted to spend, see what areas of the budget can be adjusted in order to make these important items possible.

For instance, could you scale back your floral budget, or shorten the length of time the live band will be playing? In many cases, brides are able to come up with creative ways to save money in other areas of wedding planning, in order to get the details their hearts are really set on. Just make sure you are clear about any wiggle room that exists, and hold yourself to the overall budget!