Tips for Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Adult Birthday Party TipsIs someone you love soon going to be celebrating a birthday? Whether it’s a friend, coworker, or significant other, if you are hoping to throw a great party, there are some simple ways to help ensure it a success. Kids parties may be cake to plan, but that doesn’t mean adult birthday parties have to be stressful or even less fun. In fact, we think adult parties can be extra entertaining special events, with the right ingredients!

Kids Aren’t the Only Ones that Love Entertainment

Sure, you may think that entertainment is best, or even only necessary, at a child’s birthday party, but you could be wrong about that. Most adults love a good chance to unwind, and be reminded of the joy they felt in their childhood. And when is a better time to do just that, than at a birthday party?

While we’re not insisting that you get adult-friendly bounce houses for your spouse’s 50th birthday party, we’re not discouraging it either. Plus, there are lots of other fun ways to entertain guests, and also ensure the birthday honoree has a memorable soiree!

  • Karaoke machines aren’t just for company holiday parties! Give people a chance to let out their inner diva.
  • Photobooths help provide entertainment and mementos from the occasion. For bonus points put together a scrapbook where guests can leave prints and well wishes to the birthday boy or girl!
  • Whether you hire a DJ, live band, string quartet, or jazz ensemble… live entertainment is a great way to set the mood, and to get people on the dance floor!
  • Simply choosing a special event venue, rather than a familiar, much less sterile space, is another even easier way to the set the tone for the party!

Dinner Is Likely Even More Important than the Decor

When it comes to adult birthday parties, you may not need to go with a full-on theme for decorations, the way you likely did when your kids were young (mutant turtles, princesses, pirates, etc.). In fact, in most cases a few classic decorations are all you need.

Where you shouldn’t skimp, is on the food. If they’re being honest, most adults care a lot more about the food served at a party, than the décor, so make sure your catering game is on-point, so to speak.

That’s not to say you have to go with a formal, plated meal. In fact, may people prefer a more laidback approach to food. Just make sure what you serve is delicious, and that there is plenty for everyone. No one loves a hangry (hungry/angry) guest, after all! From food trucks, to DIY taco stations, let the birthday girl or boy’s fave food serve as inspiration