Walking In a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Walking In a Winter Wedding WonderlandWinter is truly coming, and that means those of you planning a winter wedding will soon be ready to walk down the aisle and say your “I do’s.” Before your celebration, though, make sure you have planned a wedding that really exudes the romance and glamour that only winter has to offer. Whether you wind up enjoying a fresh blanket of snow on your big day, or sixty-degree weather (here in Texas it could go either way), isn’t so important, when you have already made sure to include some great seasonal touches!

Add Whimsical Winter Touches

For many people, winter means snowy and idyllic scenes in nature. Of course, not everyone in the country gets to enjoy those picturesque views, much less the icy temps. Here in Texas, at our Hill Country venue, it’s impossible to predict what the weather will be like on any given day. So, to make sure your winter wedding is truly seasonal, regardless of how the weather behaves, why not:

  • Make winter whites your color scheme? Mixing shades of white, ivory, cream, and other light colors can help exude that timeless, classic version of winter chic! Paired with gold and blush, this is a thoroughly on-trend, yet timeless way to approach a winter color palette.
  • Of course, don’t rule out icy blue and silver, either. Sure, it may have recently been made popular by Frozen, but you don’t have to be a princess to admire or be inspired by the beauty of this dynamite color duo, especially for winter. To keep your wedding grown-up, choose varying shades of both pale blue and a deeper navy, and don’t be afraid to mix your metallics, either. Silver mercury glass and gold, for instance, look great together, and create an eclectic update on a very traditional winter look.
  • If your wedding will take place during December, don’t be afraid to decorate with subtle or downright merry nods to Christmas. There are lots of fun ways to add in holiday décor, while still making it clear that guests are at a wedding, not a company party.
  • Consider pairing ornaments with picture frames filled with engagement photos as table décor, or use several Christmas trees as a gorgeous backdrop behind your cake table. Even wrapped gifts make a fun, whimsical display, or use holiday paper to wrap your guests’ gifts and use them as fun table settings.