What Does Your Holiday Party Really Need?

Planning the Perfect Corporate PartyAs the designated office party planner, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed about how to pull off excellent corporate parties, season after season? It can be daunting planning a large scale party, particularly around the busy holiday season. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to feel like torture, or even work, planning a great company-wide soiree. A few smart decisions early on, is all it really takes to get the holiday party ball rolling!

Schedule Your Venue and Send Invites Early

One of the most important steps in planning any great party, but especially a holiday party hosted during the busiest months of the year, is to set the date and to secure your event venue as soon as possible. Not only does this ensure you have a great place to host your party, but it also allows you to send out formal invitations early, before many people will have received other party invites or made other plans.

If you want great turnout, send invites at least 4 to 6 weeks out, if at all possible, keeping in mind that the date, time and location are really the only crucial details that must be arranged in order to mail invites. Catering, cocktails, and other choices can actually become easier as you begin marking RSVP’s!

Splurge on Good Food and Good Fun

We are big proponents on spending good money for great food and good fun. After all, aside from the location, these are the aspects of the party people are most likely to remember. So make them count, by choosing excellent (not necessarily fancy, just delicious) fare, and hire a DJ, band or other entertainment to help make the night extra memorable!