What Should You Really Be Registering For?

Wedding Planning and Registry Tips Going window shopping in order to create your wedding registry can be a lot of fun, and really helps you and your fiancé start planning how you want your future home to look, and even more importantly, feel. But if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all those possibilities, and maybe even a bit worried that you’ll forget something truly important, then consider these simple tips to help you create the perfect (for you!) wedding registry!

Look for Classic, Well-made Pieces

When it comes to furnishing any home, you want to make sure to spend the most money on well-made pieces that will last for years, if not generations, to come. For instance, you may not want to put those cute but shaky side tables from your favorite box store on your registry. Instead, either register for well-made ones, or plan to budget some of the cash you might receive to any important furniture or other large purchases you might need to make.

It’s also important, though, that each of you feels represented by the big purchases. So while you don’t necessarily need to agree on a single set of dish towels, it would be wise that you both like – or at least tolerate – a well-made bedspread or duvet cover, curtains, and other items that you are likely to both see everyday, and use for several seasons.

Add In Trendy Touches

An easy way to now add in personality, and fun touches, is by choosing a handful of cute, even kitschy items that are either very “now” or better yet, very “you.” For instance, if your fiancé is obsessed with a certain galactic-centric movie series, let him register for the entire lineup of figurines, which he can then proudly display on your shared bookshelf. Or, if you both love your French bulldog more than life itself, by all means register for the ceramic cookie jar you saw that resembles your precious pooch.

Accent pieces like throw pillows, bookends, storage boxes and baskets, and other small, decorative items are easy ways to add personality, without risking investing in large items that you might soon outgrow. Plus, you can balance traditionally male and feminine vibes (or your varied taste in colors, textures, etc.) by making sure each of you is equally represented in your accent choices.

Splurge on Fun Items That Are Multi-Use

Finally, if you want to register for purely fun items, try to do yourself the favor of opting for those, which are likely to get the most use long after your wedding and reception are done. That way you don’t find yourself with 20 copper mugs and no wine glasses, a cabinet overflowing with board games and no decks of classic cards or a nice chess set, or 18 appliances instead of one really well-made and multifunctional blender!