Where Should You Go On Your Honeymoon?

Where Should You Honeymoon?Now that you have begun wedding planning, it is time to make arrangements for one other important occasion as well, your honeymoon! After the busyness of planning your wedding, a getaway is a great way to relax and reconnect as a couple, before beginning your daily lives as husband and wife. But are you unsure where you should go, on your honeymoon? If so, these questions can help you choose a dream destination for the two of you.

Do You Want a Once In a Lifetime Adventure?

Many couples choose to visit faraway lands, such as exotic beaches or vibrant international cultures, as part of their honeymoon. In turn, they are able to have a once in a lifetime adventure, together. This is great for couples who have already traveled together, before, as it is really a unique experience you will never forget.

Prefer a Laidback, Relaxed Kind of Retreat?

But some couples prefer a more laidback approach to honeymooning, one in which they don’t feel pressured to see and do all they can. Some newlyweds prefer to have time they can relax and unwind. All-inclusive resorts are one stress-free option, and encourage lounging at beautiful accommodations. Mountain getaways, or even escapes to a lake house or other favorite vacation destination are also relaxing and inspire comfort and cozy time together, without feeling like tourists.

Don’t Forget to Make Arrangements for After the Wedding!

One important consideration is that you will likely be tired after your wedding. Rather than booking a flight late that evening, or even first thing the next morning, why not consider leaving for your honeymoon a few days later, after you have had time to refresh and rejuvenate after the marathon wedding weekend?

Booking a hotel near your wedding venue is a great way to celebrate your first few days as a couple, without the pressure of traveling hours after you say “I do.”