A Seasonally-inspired Menu Is a Great Way to Wow Your Guests

A Seasonal Menu Can Help Make Your Day SpecialDo you want your guests to go home raving about your wedding, in particular the food? If so, you are likely taking great care to create a menu that reflects your tastes, and even your personality. That said, have you considered that one of the best ways to ensure the meal is both memorable and delicious is by focusing on providing seasonal fare? Choosing items that are in-season can help ensure your wedding meal is unique, affordable, and best of all, amazing!

What Tastes Best in the Winter or Fall?

If you are planning an autumn wedding, then consider letting guests dine on meals using any of these in-season ingredients:

  • Pumpkin is an obvious fall choice, both for savory dishes (like risotto), desserts and even drinks.
  • Brussel sprouts have gained popularity in recent years, particularly when paired with bacon.
  • Cabbage is great in many dishes, including stews, soups, and other rich and hearty comfort foods.
  • Cranberries, like pumpkins, can be great in both sweet and savory sides. But it is also a delightful addition to custom cocktails, which many couples are creating for their wedding day!
  • Squash is another versatile ingredient, that can make for delicious and memorable side dishes, or serve as a leading component in vegetarian dishes.

What Should You Serve at Your Spring Wedding?

While eating seasonally really means looking to your hometown to provide cues about what to serve, there are some foods that can generally be procured seasonally, throughout the United States.

In the springtime, here are a few popular ingredients that are at their freshest.

  • Apricots are sweet and versatile spring ingredients. You could even give guests small jars of apricot jelly as wedding favors!
  • Both artichokes and asparagus are beautiful and nutritious ingredients that are delightful on their own, either grilled or roasted.
  • Carrots may seem a little basic, but they can actually be prepared in a variety of ways. Plus, they are quintessentially spring!
  • Spinach is considered a super food, and it’s also a popular one. Served fresh as part of a spring-centric salad, or sautéed, it’s hard to go wrong with Popeye’s favorite food.