Avoid These 3 Wedding Decorating Mistakes

Avoid Wedding Planning Mistakes

Don’t forget natural elements in your wedding decor. Lindsay and Ory’s wedding is a perfect example of how much life they can bring to a space!

Wedding planning can be a lot of fun, but it also has the potential to be a bit overwhelming. In the pursuit of locking down many important details, it can also be easy to overlook little choices that can make a big impact. If you want to help make sure your wedding is everything of which you have dreamed, be sure to avoid these common decorating mistakes.

1. A Lack of Greenery

Just as a home feels incomplete without flowers or plants, an otherwise beautiful wedding can feel a bit lacking, when there are no natural elements. That’s not to say you have to spend tons of money on fresh flowers if that’s not your taste (or in your budget). But you should bring nature to the tables. Some ways to do that include potted plants or even succulents, cut flowers, of course, or even seasonal fruits or veggies. That might sound silly, but think about how beautiful pumpkins and gourds can be, when expertly displayed for fall. Even fresh lemons can be lovely natural elements, when displayed in a unique bowl or vase.

2. Boring Vases for Beautiful Flowers

And speaking of vases, nothing can ruin an otherwise beautiful floral arrangement quite like a boring or simply wrong-sized vase. Florists are experts at pairing flowers with the vessels that will best, and most beautifully, hold them. So whether you hire a florist or decide to DIY your flowers, just make sure you choose vases (or other less obvious vessels like canning jars, tea cups, even tin cans and soda bottles) that add to the look of the flowers, not detract from it.

3. Beautiful But Wrinkled Fabrics

You have likely taken great care to choose all the linens for your wedding ceremony and/or reception, from the tablecloths and napkins to any draperies and backdrops you might be hanging. So don’t let them look sad, simply because they are wrinkled, frayed or otherwise imperfect (unless of course you want a rustic look).

Just as you will make sure your dress is properly steamed before your big day, make sure your linens look their best by renting from a reputable company, or if you’re DIY-ing them, invest in (or rent) a great steamer to get them looking great for your ceremony and reception.