Beautiful Bohemian Wedding Touches: Part One

Bohemian Bridal InspirationHave you always fancied yourself a bit of a bohemian at heart? In fact, do you love to shirk tradition, as much as possible, in favor of a more laidback approach to life? If so, you might be determined to host a wedding that is just as carefree as you feel. But are you wondering how to actually plan a bohemian-inspired wedding? Many modern brides are looking to combine meaningful wedding traditions with their own free-spirited personality. Fortunately, it has never been easier to host a beautiful bohemian wedding!

Don’t Settle for Traditional Wedding Wears

Bohemian style is most often characterized by free-flowing styles inspired by the most popular dresses of the 1960’s and 1970’s. With this in mind, there are several approaches to wedding wear that can reflect a fresh take on Bohemian-style.

  • One option is to borrow your mom, grandmother or even aunt’s wedding dress. You could either wear it as is, or ask for permission to make alterations. Sometimes removing long sleeves, or adjusting a train’s length is all that is needed to bring a modern touch to an old gown.
  • Satin and lace are popular materials with Bohemian brides, though the fit of the dress is perhaps far more important. The most common styles for free spirits include form-fitted bodices with free-flowing skirts and relatively short trains. Basically, you will want to avoid overly fussy gowns, and those that have more of a princess feel if you truly want to exude hippie-inspired elegance!
  • Complete the look with a flower crown, instead of a veil, and vintage jewelry, like layered gold necklaces or a simple pearl bracelet.
  • Your wedding venue and wedding date can also be important influences, particularly on whether you want to choose something long or short, formal or casual, or even if you should incorporate a shawl or scarf into your wedding look.
  • For the groom’s attire, consider a laidback approach to the traditional suit, such as dress pants with only a vest or bowtie, instead of a jacket. You should also consider alternatives to traditional black, such as navy, deep brown, and even maroon.