Dealing with the Unexpected, Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

Tips for Planning for Your WEddingWas it those diligent Boy Scouts that first coined the phrase, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail?” Regardless of who said it, in many ways it is certainly true. So, while most brides don’t want to imagine the worst case scenarios that could occur on their wedding days, it can actually be quite prudent to plan for extenuating circumstances. Fortunately, skilled planners and other wedding experts know a lot about doing just this, and by tackling these complexities, they can actually take much of the stress off brides-to-be. After all, having plans in place for everything from inclement weather to ripped lace on a gown, can help you rest assured that come rain or shine, perfection or problems, you will still have a lovely, enjoyable and memorable big day!

Weather Can’t Be Predicted, But You Can Have Plans In Place

From rain to snow, it is important to consider that while the rest of your friends and family should be on their best behavior on your wedding day, Mother Nature may not be so cooperative. So, if you choose an outdoor wedding venue, make sure you have a contingency for inclement weather.

This could be as simple as renting a few tents or space heaters, or more complex, depending on your chosen wedding city. Of course you could also choose a wedding venue that offers a combination of indoor and outdoor space, that way you know you’re “covered,” come rain or shine.

An Emergency Kit Can Be Super Handy

From safety pins and duct tape, to breath mints and lip balm, there are a number of wedding day essentials every bride needs to keep nearby. You simply never know when a fashion or beauty emergency could pop up.

Fortunately, with just a few extra items, on hand, you can make sure you’re ready to fix any busted zipper, blemish, or other crisis you might face.

Best of all, most planners will bring a well-stocked wedding day emergency kit of their own. But, if you don’t have a planner, consider charging your maid of honor with creating this essential kit, and keeping it close at hand on your wedding day.

Smile On, Shine On

Most importantly, it can be incredibly helpful to remember what your wedding is really about, and that’s starting a new chapter with the partner of your dreams. Even if a few mishaps happen, there really is no need to worry or fret the details. Instead, keep focused on what matters most, like the love you’re celebrating, and the fact that you get to share your special day with friends and family!

Plus, minor problems like ringbearer meltdowns or spilt wedding cake, will make for great stories down the road. And who doesn’t love a great wedding story?