Did You Just Get Engaged? Want to Get Married, Soon?

Can You Plan Your Wedding Quickly?Did your boyfriend very recently become your fiancé? If so, you must be excited to share the great news with your friends and family, but you also might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to do next. Long engagements have become routine for many couples, but that doesn’t mean they are the only option. In fact, if you and your fiancé are considering a short engagement, we’re here to help make that possible. For our Texas Old Town brides, that means supplying them with a comprehensive list of recommended vendors, plus other perks designed to make short engagements possible, including an all-inclusive wedding option! For all couples, though, it can be helpful to take the following advice from wedding planning experts.

Short Engagements Are Possible!

It is possible to plan a wedding in less than the two years many couples spend planning their big days. In fact, it is even feasible to schedule your dream wedding in less, even far less, than a full calendar year. That said, it does require some diligence in making decisions, and locking down key wedding vendors quickly!

In general, most wedding experts agree that your first two decisions to be made should include determining when you want to wed and where. Once you have locked in a wedding venue and date, the rest of planning becomes much smoother, particularly if you have already set your wedding budget.

A list of priorities can also be helpful. Sure, you know you “need” a wedding cake, a dress, a photographer and florals, etc. But deciding which of these is the most important to you can help you set a realistic wedding budget, and also start making decisions, quickly, in order of their personal importance to you!

Enlist Expert Help with Your Wedding Planning

Even if you have a slew of friends and family members willing to pitch in with wedding planning, it can still be incredibly helpful to enlist the help of wedding professionals, as well, such as a wedding planner, and the coordinator at your wedding venue, of choice.

Allowing the wedding experts to offer their sage advice can also be extremely helpful. For example, your wedding photographer will likely be more than happy to help you create a detailed wedding day timeline, while your cake baker will be a great resource when it comes time to determine how big your cake should realistically be.