Fall Wedding Must-Haves

Plan a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Jordan and Derrick’s seasonal wedding was picture perfect.

Now that November has begun, many of you may have fall wedding planning on the brain. Whether you are getting married in a few weeks, or around this time next year, it can be fun but also important to plan ways to keep your guests warm, during your autumn I Do’s. In fact, one of the most important steps to take, when planning a fall wedding, is to ensure you have a way to keep your guests both comfortable, and even cozy throughout your wedding and your reception. This is especially true if you plan to host either or both the ceremony and reception outside.

How Can You Help Keep Your Wedding Guests Cozy and Comfortable?

Fortunately, it is not only possible, but kind of fun dreaming up ways to help ensure your guests are comfortable throughout your wedding day. While there are lots of options some of our favorites include:

  • Soft shawls or even a variety of blankets, which guests can cuddle up in are a colorful and cozy way to keep guests warm. Plus, bonus points if you snag them in shades that coordinate with your wedding colors, which will make for lots of cute photo ops!
  • Space heaters are a more obvious approach, and one that can create pockets of warmth where guests are likely to gather. Consider placing them near designated seating spaces, for instance, such as near couches and chairs you’ll be using to create a lounge atmosphere, or by the tall tables you have rented for your cocktail hour!
  • Even a detailed timeline and well thought-out plan can actually help to keep your guests comfortable, too. For instance, if you choose a venue with both indoor and outdoor spaces, like ours here at Texas Old Town, it can be advisable to have the ceremony outside while it’s still light out, and then move guests inside after dark, when the temperatures can drop quickly.
  • Just as iced drinks can help keep guests cool while waiting for a summer wedding to begin, it’s wise to keep hot beverages close at hand for guests that arrive early to your autumn wedding. This could be as simple as a serve yourself hot cocoa or tea station, or include signature cocktails made from classic fall drinks like spiced cider, or even coffee with Irish cream!