Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day!

Feel Beautiful on Your Wedding DayNow that the holiday season is officially upon us, you may soon find yourself swamped with family gatherings and work parties, on top of the already busy job of wedding planning. Unfortunately, for some couples this can lead to added stress and fatigue. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are some simple ways you can help take care of yourself, while getting ready to take your walk down the aisle. And that can help ensure you feel your absolute best and most beautiful when your wedding day rolls around.

Don’t Crash Diet; Eat Well

If you are trying to lose weight before your wedding day, you may find yourself feeling tempted to try a fad diet in order to shed the pounds. Crash diets rarely work, longterm, though. Plus, they can actually be incredibly dangerous for one’s health and wellbeing.

So rather than starting some juice-only cleanse you read about on Pinterest, or any other fad diet, why not stick to the basics? Aim to eat real and fresh food, as much as possible, and avoid too much sugar or starchy foods, both of which can be bad for the waistline, one’s smile and even one’s complexion.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water throughout each day can be hugely beneficial when trying to maintain or lose weight, but that is not all water can do for your health and beauty. Staying properly hydrated can help prevent headaches, muscle cramps, and even oral health issues like cavities. It can also do wonders for your skin! So, if you want to have that beautiful bridal glow, be sure to drink lots of H20!

Equally important, avoid too much caffeine or alcohol, especially the night before the wedding!

Take Time to Care for Yourself

While arranging for every last detail of their wedding days, many brides accidentally let self-care take a backburner. This is unfortunate, since taking time for one’s self, to de-stress and rejuvenate, can help a person feel her best and look her most beautiful on her wedding day.

So, whether you need to schedule time (and designate money) for a monthly manicure, a coffee (or wine) date with friends to unwind, or to see a masseuse (or even a chiropractor), make sure caring for yourself remains a priority, leading up to your wedding day!

Of course, delegation is another great way to limit one’s stress. An all-inclusive wedding package, or a skilled wedding planner, can greatly help brides who are simply too busy, or too overwhelmed, to plan their weddings themselves.