Fun Alternatives to Fresh Flowers: Part One

Alternatives to Flower ArrangementsDo you love the idea of fresh-cut flowers at your wedding celebration, but were less excited by the sticker shock you got when looking talking to a florist? Or, are you a bride who prides herself on being as “green” as possible, and you simply hate the idea of filling your wedding with flowers that will only be enjoyed for a few hours, or a few days, at most? If so, there is good news! You don’t have to rely on large or expensive flower arrangements to fill the tables at your wedding reception, or to provide décor at other parts of your wedding, either. In fact, there are lots of pretty wedding decoration alternatives, with nary a petal in sight!

Let Light Steal the Show

One simple way to decorate, without the need for flowers, is through the use of candles. Candlelight lends a beautiful and romantic touch to a wedding reception, and by using a variety of candleholders, such as tall candlesticks combined with votive holders, you can add texture, height variations, and all the other elements of a great centerpiece design, without the need for florals.

Mixing materials is another simple way to create interest, when wedding planning. So don’t feel compelled to stick to a single color or metallic finish. Rose gold pairs beautifully with antique silver, for instance, while brightly colored candleholders, made of ceramics or glass, can add even more interest, and pair nicely with classic white candles. (Be mindful of whether or not you are choosing scented candles, though. Too much fragrance can be distracting.)