Fun Alternatives to Fresh Flowers: Part Two

Table Ideas That Aren't FlowersAre you interested in finding pretty alternatives to fresh flowers for filling the tables at your wedding reception? Do you like the idea of trying to save money, and the planet, by using alternatives to fresh-cut flowers to decorate your whole wedding? If so, you are in luck. There a lot of great and stylish ways to decorate, and even to bring in nature, without relying on traditional floral arrangements.

Use Potted Plants for Greenery

Potted plants, like succulents, are a great way to create beautiful centerpieces. A variety of plants, including herbs, can make for beautiful décor. Plus, they can be found in a variety of sizes, and placed in an interesting mix of containers and vases, to help suit any style (and budget).

Large potted plants, for instance, make lovely aisle décor at an outdoor wedding reception, while small succulents look perfect, potted in recycled containers, like tin cans, or even teacups. Geometric containers are popular, now, as well. Find them in classic white ceramics, or trendy gold and glass!

An added benefit of choosing potted plants is that they can be enjoyed long after your wedding is over. Save a few for your own home, send them as wedding gifts for guests, or look into donating them to a local hospital, nursing home or other charity.

Fun Accessories Can Omit the Need for Flowers, Altogether

Of course, if nature really isn’t your thing, there are lots of other options for decorating, as well. For instance, you can fill the tables with pictures of you and your fiancé, either from your engagement session or your time and travels together, leading up to your wedding. (This is also a great way to create alternatives to table numbers, by naming each table after a city you’ve visited together, or a favorite restaurant, even.) Either purchase matching frames, or help create cohesion from mismatched frames picked up at discount stores and even thrift stores, by painting them in complementary colors. You could also use small easels, clipboards, or even large clothespins to display photos.

Vintage books are another pretty (and popular) way to add interest to your table décor. Of course, any interests you have can serve as inspiration. A camera collection, travel mementos, even action figures can be used to add whimsy to your décor.