Let There Be (Romantic) Light!

Let There Be Romantic Light

Rachel is glowing in the beautiful, natural window light.

Flowers, centerpieces, tablecloths and other decorative elements may be what initially comes to mind when it comes time to plan your wedding decor. But have you considered the lighting you will use at your wedding ceremony or reception? Lighting is a great way to invoke the emotions you want guests to feel, on your big day. It can also make the moment more memorable, or at least more beautiful, for you and your soon-to-be-husband as well. So, when it comes to wedding planning, make sure to take special care with one of the most basic needs and most beautiful components of any space, the lighting!

Too Much or Not Enough Lighting Can Be Bad News

While wedding planning, many couples overlook the fact that great lighting is the most essential element to beautiful photographs and video. It is also one of the easiest and most effective ways to set a mode.

Too much lighting can be incredibly harsh and unromantic, while too soft of lighting or lighting with overt color casting can lead to poor photographs, and even difficulties for guests trying to move about.

To make sure your lighting is the perfect balance, it can be incredibly helpful to defer big decisions to the experts. For instance:

  • Why not talk to your photographer about creating a timeline that ensures your formal photos can be taken in beautiful, natural light? If you will be wedding late in the evening, or in a dark venue, make sure your photographer is an expert as using artificial flash.
  • Ask the DJ about what lighting equipment he or she provides. In general, it’s best to use fun lighting, like colorful strobes, for group dancing, and more classic lighting for your first dance as husband and wife, and any other special dances you plan to have. That way there aren’t colorful dots in all your images!
  • The coordinator of your wedding venue is also a great resource, both in letting you know what lighting options are available through the space, as well as what rules are in place to help protect guests and the venue. For instance, some places allow real candles, and others only allow battery-operated versions. Some allow sparkler exits, and many do not. Knowing what is permitted is important when planning your lighting, and your wedding, in general.

Other fun lighting options? Twinkle lights can really illuminate and romanticize outdoor (and indoor) spaces. Many rental companies also offer chandeliers, both formal and more rustic. Even the candleholders you choose can affect the lighting. Mercury glass creates incredibly soft glows, for instance, while colorful candleholders can create more fun, funky lighting.