Ready to Get Married Already? Consider a Quick Engagement

Wedding Planning? Is February Right for You?Have you decided that a long engagement simply isn’t for you? In fact, are you wondering if it would be possible to plan a wedding in the next few months? While that might seem like a tall order, here at Texas Old Town we love helping our brides take the steps necessary to prepare for their walks down the aisle, even when that means less time to plan than usual. In fact, we actually specialize in providing our brides with all the tools they need to create their dream weddings, fast. So, for those of you that have recently become engaged, and even those who might get engaged over the holiday season, reach out if you would like some help planning a beautiful January or February wedding, here in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

Now Is a Great Time to Plan a February Wedding

With January and February quickly approaching, now is the time to decide if you would be interested in a wedding during those months. If so, Texas Old Town has a few wedding dates still available during that time!

Best of all, we offer all-inclusive wedding packages, and a complete list of recommended vendors, for those brides who could use help planning the perfect wedding day, particularly within such a tight timeframe.

Why Not Skip the Long Engagement?

Long engagements can be stressful. If you decide to skip it, we don’t blame you. Just remember to get in touch with us as soon as possible, so we can help plan your dream wedding quickly.

In fact, if you are ready to learn more about how we can help you say “I do” soon, contact us today at (512) 396-1800 for details and special seasonal pricing, as well!