3 Simple Ways to Save for Your Honeymoon: Part One

3 Simple Ways to Save

Want to know how you can save money for your honeymoon, without resorting to giving up all your favorite things? We can help!

Are you fortunate enough to have help paying for and planning your upcoming wedding? If so, the great news is that you don’t have to spend months scraping together pennies to help pay for the wedding of your dreams. But what about your honeymoon? Many couples realize early on that they will need to save for their own honeymoons, but worry about how to do so without feeling deprived for months or even years, leading up to their big days. The good news is that saving money doesn’t have to feel like torture. In fact, there are some easy ways to save money that can still be fun and even team-building for you and your future husband!

1. Have a Weekly Date Night In

Most relationship experts emphasize the importance of regular date nights, particularly during busy or stressful seasons of life (hello wedding planning!). That said, no one says a date has to involve a fancy night out on the town. In fact, foregoing fancy dates is a simple way to save money towards your honeymoon fund!

Simply put the money you would have been spending to go see a movie, a play, or out at dinner, directly into your honeymoon fund, whether that is a savings account, or a jar you keep cash in. If you are used to having weekly date nights, this can easily add up to a few hundred dollars a month, without sacrificing your date night altogether.

Rent a movie to watch at home in the comfort of your PJ’s and complete the night with gourmet popcorn or candy. Or, learn to make a new dish together from a cookbook or food blog you both love.

Go a step further, and you could save even more money! For instance, if you master stovetop espresso making and milk foaming, you could save five to ten dollars a day, by skipping your store bought latte. A simple tip? Make Sundays a day for meal prep, and taking your lunches to work could help you save hundreds.