3 Simple Ways to Save for Your Honeymoon: Part Two

A Clothing Swap Could Help You Save Money

Swapping clothes with friends helps you enjoy new attire, without spending a ton of money! Great when you’re saving for your honeymoon!

Looking for some pain-free ways to save money for your honeymoon? Sure, budgeting doesn’t exactly sound like a barrel of laughs, but that doesn’t mean that saving money has to feel like torture, either. In fact, there are some surprisingly simple ways you and your fiancé could be putting back more than just pennies towards your dream honeymoon fund. And since the start of a new year is a perfect time to make adjustments, take a few minutes today to learn how you could start saving big bucks towards your dream vacation!

2. Rework Your Existing Closet Instead of Shopping

If you have a bad habit of looking at your overstuffed closet and thinking you have nothing to wear, make this season of your engagement the time you conquer your fashion-related wanderlust. Not only will you prevent running out of space, but you could also save some serious money!

Instead of buying new clothes every season, find ways to refashion forgotten favorites at the back of your closet. (Look to Pinterest for inspiration! Lots of fashion bloggers specialize in using old pieces in new ways.) And if you do actually need to shop for a few basics, invest in quality staples you won’t soon have to replace, but put the rest of the money you would have spent on new pieces directly into your honeymoon fund!

You could also host a clothing swap with some of your best friends. Not only will everyone go home with new wears without spending a cent, but you also have a perfect excuse for a girls’ night. (You may not all be the same dress size, but you could also swap accessories, which are great outfit updates, anyways!)

3. Give Up a Subscription Service

If you only ever watch shows on Netflix or Hulu, why not save a lot of money by letting go of your cable service? Over a year, you might find that you don’t even miss the 800 channels you never really watched anyways. And you could save a lot of money towards your honeymoon, in the process.

On the flip side, if you love your non-network TV channels, but rarely login to streaming accounts, why not give one – or a few – up until your wedding is over. It’s a pretty simple, pain-free way to put funds towards your honeymoon, while also freeing up some more time in your schedule, by foregoing those Netflix binge nights, in favor of wedding planning or even crafting, or even having friends over for game nights.