Form or Function: What Matters Most When It Comes to Cake?

Wedding Cake Form or Function

Want a beautiful and delicious cake? Live the dream with these simple tips!

As you have begun planning your dream wedding have you felt stumped about one pretty big decision – what kind of cake to serve? Many brides and grooms feel torn between a truly delicious, but perhaps less fancy-looking cake, or one that is gorgeous looking, but possibly not quite as delectable. Fortunately, modern cake design has made it possible to forego this classic cake debate, allowing you to have your beautiful cake, and eat it too. Here are a few tips for ensuring your wedding cake is both delicious and divine!

Consider a “Naked” Cake!

If you love a classic buttercream frosting, but are worried about your cake looking too traditional, consider the on-trend option of a so-called naked cake. Basically, this just means that your cake is only lightly frosted with a delicious buttercream, or other flavored soft frosting. This can be paired with frosting layers, too, so you get all the great flavor of frosting, still with a sleek yet rustic look! Best of all, most any cake works with this look, so choose your favorite flavor, or layer a few you love for a one-of-a-kind flavor combination!

On the flipside, why not go with extra frosting, by requesting the buttercream be applied in a rustic fashion, or stylish rosette formations!

Skip the Fondant In Favor of Real-life Flowers

Love the idea of flowers on your cake, but hate the idea of nearly inedible fondant creations? Talk to your cake artists about using real-life flowers instead!

Many bakers are used to working closely with brides’ florists to create truly one-of-a-kind creations that are beautiful to look at, and fun to eat. This is also a great way to create something seasonally-inspired, or even to mirror your bouquet with a mini bunch at the top of your cake!

Some flowers can even be sugared, to become edible! Other real flowers are only meant as adornment, yet they can easily be removed when cake cutting begins.

Have You Thought About Paint?

We love the new spin on wedding cake decorating that involves paint instead of sculpting. From watercolor shades to gorgeous metallic, there are a variety of ways a skilled artist can paint the wedding cake of your dreams, whether it be abstract or more realistic in nature.

From skylines to tree stumps, or even a beautiful portrayal of your wedding venue, let your imagination run wild. Chances are an expert bakery can bring your vision to life, honoring your unique love story with an equally unique – and beautiful – creation!