How Can You Have a Picture Perfect Engagement Session? Part One

Have a Great Engagement Session with These Tips

Enjoy a great engagement session with our simple but surefire tips!

Wondering what you and your fiancé need to do, to help ensure you love the outcome of your upcoming engagement session? The good news is there isn’t much prep work or planning that needs to go into your preparing for your photo session. With just a few simple steps, you can actually enjoy the process of taking photos, and treasure the results, as well!

Location, Location, Location!

Whether you choose your favorite graffiti covered wall, a park downtown with outlines of the city, or opt for a more rustic backdrop for your photo session, the location you choose will matter greatly in your photos. So before you and your photographer settle on a location, think about what kind of overall theme or look you’re hoping to achieve, and let that inspire your choice (or choices).

For instance, if you know you want to wear colorful outfits, and to create a thoroughly modern look, why not opt for the Arts District of your home city? Love classic portraiture, set beside trees or a lake? Choose a favorite park, or arboretum instead. And don’t forget your home is an option, as well, particularly if you and your fiancé already live together. From front porch sessions with pets in the photographs, to more intimate “lifestyle” sessions featuring the two of you making breakfast together, or even cuddling in bed, let your tastes inspire your choices, and you are sure to love the shots.

Of course, you could also speak to the coordinator of your wedding venue about utilizing the space as the backdrop for your photos. Here at Texas Old Town, our Austin wedding venue, we love when brides-to-be visit for their engagement sessions or other portraits. Wedding venues are particularly popular for bridal portrait sessions, a Southern wedding tradition that is picking up steam throughout he United States!