How Can You Have a Picture Perfect Engagement Session? Part Two

How Can You Have a Picture Perfect Engagement Session? Part Two

Have fun at your engagement session, and you’re sure to love the ensuing images!

Wondering what you can and should do, to help your engagement session runs smoothly? Do you or your fiancé feel awkward having your photo taken, in general, much less for such a special occasion? If so, don’t worry. Your engagement session can and should be a lot of fun! You just need to make sure you’ve hired the right photographer for the two of you, and that you know how to prep for the day in order to ensure success. If you have not already met your photographer, face-to-face, don’t be afraid to schedule a meet-up prior to your session, or at least a detailed phone call about what to expect. This can help ease any concerns you might have, and help to ensure you head into your session feeling great.

Wear Something Stylish and Comfortable

Just as the location you choose will have a huge impact on the overall quality and look of your images, what you wear will set the tone of the photos, as well. If you want relaxed-looking pictures in a rustic setting, like our Austin wedding venue, Texas Old Town, then you will want to match that backdrop with casual clothes like jeans and cowboy boots, for instance. Have you chosen an upscale restaurant downtown? Dress for the occasion, and the subsequent photos!
Most of all, be sure that what you wear is something that you look and feel great in. That doesn’t mean you have to scrap those gorgeous but painful heels you bought. However, you will likely only want to wear them for some of the shots. You certainly won’t want to walk across a crowded arboretum wearing shoes you can barely move in.

Likewise, if the dress you chose is gorgeous but you feel awkward in it ‘cause it’s far too fancy for your usual style, consider choosing a different outfit, instead, namely one that suits your personal sense of style, so you can feel completely confident in it!

Act Naturally If You Want Great, Candid Captures

Finally, your photographer will likely pose you for formal photos of the two of you, in ways that will look great and be flattering. That said, if you want some really great candid captures of you and your fiancé looking in love, then simply focus on being yourselves, as if the camera wasn’t even there.

Many couples like the idea of formal photos, in theory, but find that the images they really connect with – and love – are those that show them exactly as they truly are, whether that is sensual and super romantic, or laidback and even silly!