Is Your Dream Wedding a Real Possibility?

Making a Dream Wedding a Reality

Looking to make your dream wedding a beautiful reality? We can help.

Have you spent years dreaming of the perfect wedding day, only to get engaged and become concerned about whether or not that fantasy wedding can become a reality? While it’s true, most brides have to make some compromises, where wedding planning is concerned, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a fabulous day, within your budget and working within almost any timeframe. In fact, here at Texas Old Town, we actually pride ourselves on helping brides pull of their dream weddings!

Securing Your Venue Can Be the Most Important

One of the most important keys to planning a dream wedding, is finding the perfect space. After all, this will serve as the backdrop for your entire celebration, and will set the tone for your wedding more than any other element.

If you and your fiancé love modern architecture and spending date night downtown, look at museums that offer rentable venue spaces, or banquet halls in the heart of your city. On the other hand, if you feel a bit country, at heart, and love spending weekends out in nature, consider a more rustic venue, like our Austin area wedding venue, which is located just outside the city in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

By choosing, and booking your venue, early in the wedding planning process, you can help to ensure that the entire wedding comes together beautifully.

Choose a Team of Wedding Professionals You Really Trust

After securing your venue, the next most important step in planning your dream wedding, is hiring wedding professionals you trust, to help bring it to life! From florists to photographers, a cake baker to a caterer, start by hiring the most important piece of the puzzle, to you personally. If you and your fiancé share a love of great food, for instance, you might want to speak with your venue coordinator about finding a skilled caterer that has worked together before. Or, go to your favorite restaurant and speak with them about catering options.

Care more about the music, at your wedding reception? Choose a band, DJ or even a string quartet, before securing your other vendors. Basically, choosing to prioritize what matters most to you is crucial, in seeing your dream wedding become a reality!