Month: December 2016

How Can You Have a Picture Perfect Engagement Session? Part One

Wondering what you and your fiancé need to do, to help ensure you love the outcome of your upcoming engagement session? The good news is there isn’t much prep work or planning that needs to go into your preparing for your photo session. With just a few simple steps, you can actually enjoy the process… Read more »

Save Big, and Have Fun at the TOT Bridal Garage Sale!

Do you love the idea of incorporating vintage elements into your wedding day? Perhaps you have always enjoyed scoring a bargain on gently used items, from clothes to home decorations? Well this spring you can skip the treasure hunt at the local thrift store or antique market, and instead head out to our rustic wedding… Read more »

It’s Time to Talk Spring Weddings!

The weather outside may be a bit frightful, but that doesn’t mean it is too early to start planning your upcoming spring wedding. In fact, now is actually a great time to continue making, and finalizing plans for your spring wedding. (It’s also the perfect time to mail out save the dates, and to plan… Read more »

Wedding Cake Flavors That Are Totally On Trend

Are you not a fan of traditional wedding cake? Do you and your fiancé consider yourself foodies, and want to find a more exciting dessert than traditional white cake with buttercream? This is a better time than any to find fun new takes on traditional wedding cake, including lots of delicious and on-trend flavors that… Read more »

Wedding Items That Doubles As Home Décor

As you plan your wedding, have you considered investing in pieces that could double as both table decorations at your wedding reception, and home décor after your big day? There are actually a number of decorative pieces that can help to create a beautiful wedding, that will be welcome additions to your home, as well… Read more »

Registering This Year? Don’t Forget These Essentials: Part Two

When planning your wedding registry, it can feel tricky combining all the items you really want, with those that you know you need, as you start your new life together. That said, there are a few items many people overlook, while happily scanning items at their favorite stores, or adding pieces to their online wish… Read more »

Registering This Year? Don’t Forget These Essentials: Part One

Are you fortunate enough to be planning a wedding, this holiday season? If so, you might find yourself doing more than just making the usual Christmas list. You might also be creating your wedding registry! While this can be an incredibly fun time of window shopping, if you want to ensure it is productive, as… Read more »

On a Search for The Ring?

Sure, the holiday season is already hectic with Christmas shopping, stuffing stockings, and other merriment. But December can also be a great time to purchase your wedding jewelry as well. Many jewelry stores – from local craftsman to national chains, fine department stores to sites like Etsy – carry great sales on their jewelry during… Read more »

Wondering When You Should Wed?

Ah, the big question. When should you wed? Many couples struggle to pick a wedding date. They may even find themselves postponing such a big decision, waiting for some sign or signal of when to wed. The fact is, for many couples there is no perfect date for a wedding day. Choosing the right day… Read more »