Registering This Year? Don’t Forget These Essentials: Part One

Wedding Registry Tips for SuccessAre you fortunate enough to be planning a wedding, this holiday season? If so, you might find yourself doing more than just making the usual Christmas list. You might also be creating your wedding registry! While this can be an incredibly fun time of window shopping, if you want to ensure it is productive, as well, consider this simple guide for helping to fill your metaphorical cart with all the things you’ll need, and really want, as you start your new life as husband and wife!

1.    Some Things That Are Useful

Yes! It is a ton of fun to shop for whimsical and wonderful items like ceramic deer antlers to adorn your fireplace or every board game you ever loved as a kid. In fact, we’ll talk about those great things next. But, before you head straight to the fun sections of your stores of choice, it is often best to start with some practical items. After all, the antlers won’t seem so cute if you’re still sleeping on the dingy sheet set you bought your freshman year of college.

From bedding and towels, to kitchen appliances, create a list of the things you either need, or could really use, as you create a new home together (or if you already cohabitate, items that you’ve been meaning to replace/upgrade). And tools or other essentials for your favorite DIY projects – especially if home renovations lie in your near future – are also great ideas.

A nice set of sheets and a matching set of towels will help to instantly make your home feel put-together and polished. While a slow cooker can be essential for working couples looking to enjoy the comfort of home-cooked meals without hours of laborious prep.

Even small furnishings, and larger appliances, can be welcome additions to a registry, especially if you have a few family members who have expressed interest in chipping in on some big ticket items you two need! (Think well-made side tables, or even a washing machine!)

2. Some Things That Are Just for Fun

Once you’ve tackled the important items, then it’s time to tag some fun stuff. This could include whimsical decorative touches, like ceramic elephant figurines to add to your collection, or pretty decanter bottles for your growing bar cart. Records, board games, and movies you both love can also be great additions!

Just try to stick to items you both want, mixed in with a few pieces you have each personally chosen. Keeping the list balanced is a great way to start your marriage on even footing!