Registering This Year? Don’t Forget These Essentials: Part Two

Wedding Registry MustsWhen planning your wedding registry, it can feel tricky combining all the items you really want, with those that you know you need, as you start your new life together. That said, there are a few items many people overlook, while happily scanning items at their favorite stores, or adding pieces to their online wish lists. And those are the kind of gifts they will enjoy for a lifetime, the heirloom pieces every couple needs, and no, we’re not talking crystal candlesticks!

Something to Remember and Something to Save Forever

And what registry is complete without a few heirloom pieces? This could be fine China, if you think you’ll have need or a desire for it in the future. But it doesn’t have to be dish-related. Instead, look to your tastes and interests to clue you in on what kind of fine gift you will be sure to love for decades, and might even pass down for future generations, as well.

Did you both fall in love with a beautiful piece of pottery? Make this your splurge. Maybe you like the idea of one finely-crafted silver picture frame, or a piece of original artwork. Thinking longterm, try to choose at least a few pieces that you could see keeping, and treasuring, forever!  That way, when you are celebrating your 10th, 20th and 30th anniversary, you will still have a few items that remind you of your blessed start, together!

As for something to remember, don’t forget to preserve those engagement and wedding photos in a meaningful way. Many photographers include finely crafted albums in their packages. But, if yours doesn’t, or you are looking for another way to honor those priceless memories, consider adding some memorable gifts to your registry.

This could include a canvas for your home, the price of which guests could prepay as a lovely wedding gift. You could also register for a series of matching, or perfectly mismatched frames to create a gallery wall filled with your favorite moments together. An engraved jewelry box is a perfect home for your rings. A fine quilt box can also be a beautiful and functional addition to your home, and one perfect for storing your favorite mementos.