Wedding Cake Flavors That Are Totally On Trend

Wedding Cake IdeasAre you not a fan of traditional wedding cake? Do you and your fiancé consider yourself foodies, and want to find a more exciting dessert than traditional white cake with buttercream? This is a better time than any to find fun new takes on traditional wedding cake, including lots of delicious and on-trend flavors that your guests are sure to love, and remember. So before you declare to your guests, “let them eat cake!” make sure you find a flavor that makes your inner sweet tooth really sing!

What Flavors Are Gaining Popularity?

Craft and local foods continue to be popular throughout the country, so why not take this cue when it comes to cake planning? You could feature a locally-made stout beer in your groom’s chocolate cake, or try pairing a moderately sweet cake base with locally made jams or preserves, as flavorful fillings.

Fresh fruit from your local farmer’s market can make beautiful, and delicious cake adornments, or inspire the flavor of your cake altogether! For instance, a peaches and cream flavored cake would e perfect for your Georgia reception, while an espresso-infused chocolate cake would be a huge hit at a Portland celebration!

Skip the Tiered Cake Altogether!

And if you’re just not excited about cake at all, opt for any of the dessert options that are gaining popularity. Macaroons are a fanciful and fun treat, for instance, and they can be displayed on tiered cake stands to mimic the role of a traditional wedding cake. Donuts are another popular choice, either stacked or displayed on hooks to create a donut wall!

DIY dessert stations are also fun for guests! You could order gourmet popcorn (with sweet and savory options), set up your own candy shop, or even create a Smore’s buffet.

Look for local or seasonal inspiration, if you want to create something unique. Or, combine your favorite flavors as the starting point, which works well for both desserts and signature cocktails, as well!

Finally, dessert food trucks are gaining popularity, too! From crepes to cronuts, if there is a local caterer you love, consider having them bring the whole setup to your wedding reception!