Wedding Items That Doubles As Home Décor

Decorate with Reusable Items

The touching display at Chelsea and Woody’s wedding reception would look just at home in their living room as it did in Texas Old Town’s rustic venue.

As you plan your wedding, have you considered investing in pieces that could double as both table decorations at your wedding reception, and home décor after your big day? There are actually a number of decorative pieces that can help to create a beautiful wedding, that will be welcome additions to your home, as well (or timeless gifts for friends and family). So, as you start planning the perfect décor for your wedding, why not look specifically for pieces that will serve great functions long after your vows have been exchanged.

Metal, Glass and Ceramic Candlesticks and Votive Holders

Many brides and grooms like the look of candlesticks and even small votive holders. Fortunately, these are pieces that can be used at home, as well, especially if you choose timeless finishes like mercury glass, sterling silver, rose gold, or even white porcelain.

Just think about how beautiful your next holiday tablescape will look with any of these pieces taking center stage? Changing out the candles is an easy way to add pops of color for every season, or to suit your wedding décor needs.

Timeless Tablecloths, Fabric Napkins and Plate Chargers Aren’t Just for Weddings

Other items you might want to purchase and reuse, rather than renting, include tablecloths, fabric napkins and plate chargers, which can help make any meal more fanciful, especially if you choose materials that you love and might already have on display in your home.

For instance, if you’re hosting a December wedding, consider timeless black and white plaids, which could be used for summer picnic style banquets and holiday meals, alike. Hosting a rustic fall wedding? Why not use burlap table runners and gold chargers that will look beautiful at your reception, and when you host your bestie’s upcoming baby shower?

Opt for Frames that Will Look Right At Home In Your House

If you’re planning to display photos of you and your fiancé at your wedding or reception, choose frames that can become a gallery wall in your home, after the wedding day is done. You could also use a variety of frames to hold table numbers, as well!