Wondering When You Should Wed?

Choosing a Wedding DateAh, the big question. When should you wed? Many couples struggle to pick a wedding date. They may even find themselves postponing such a big decision, waiting for some sign or signal of when to wed. The fact is, for many couples there is no perfect date for a wedding day. Choosing the right day is simply a matter of making some practical decisions, all of which can help narrow the options, until they are able to pick a day that will work great for their big day.

Do You Have a Season In Mind?

Unless a couple wants to wed on a date that is significant to them, such as an anniversary, choosing a date can feel like a daunting part of the wedding planning process. It doesn’t have to, though. In fact, there are some surprisingly simple ways to narrow the choices.

  • First, is there a season that is significant to the two of you? Did you meet in the fall, or have your first date in the spring? If so, let this play a role in choosing your wedding date.
  • In many cases the exact day is not as important as the time of year you plan to wed. After all, the season you choose to wed will have huge impact on the flowers that are available, and the seasonal foods, plus the décor and what you’ll wear. So pick a season you love, and then choose a date that is most practical within your schedules.

Choose a Venue, Then a Wedding Date

Another way to choose a wedding day is by finding a location you love, and then checking its availability. While this might seem backwards, many brides find that they are far more passionate about picking the right venue, than they are picky about their wedding date.

Since wedding venues tend to book far in advance, look at your options as soon as possible, and if you find one you love consider choosing a date based on when it is available!