Delightful Dishes Perfect for Your Spring Wedding

Planning a Perfect Spring WeddingIt might still be cold in your part of the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning your spring wedding. In fact, now is likely the ideal time to finalize some of the finer details of your wedding celebration, for instance, what delicious items you’ll be serving your guests! If you, like many modern brides, want to wow guests with the culianry creations you’ll offer, our best advice is to take a cue from the season itself, by offering up spring-inspired dishes with a twist, fanciful creations that are sure to have guests singing your and the chef’s praises.

Think About Scrumptious Salads!

Yes, the word “salad” doesn’t exactly convey excitement. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to serve up some truly scrumptious salads as part of your guests appetizers, side dishes, or even as a filling and flavorful main course.

If you want to plan the perfect spring wedding menu, consider putting together a salad comprised of yummy and colorful veggies, including a mix of lettuces, and other greens like baby spinach and arugala. Add in tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and even radicchio to up the flavor and color.

Consider fruit, too, for added flavor. Orange slices are great in salad, for instance. But blueberries and strawberries can also work well, paired with the right dressing. (Don’t forget crunchy toppings like walnuts or toasted seeds.)

A variety of housemade dressings is another way to make your salads unique and memorable. Spring is perfect for balsamic (or fruit-infused) vinaigrettes, spiced up honey mustards, or avocado ranch.

Put an Egg On It!

While you don’t have to play up the Easter theme, eggs can be a great and fun addition to most meals, including spring wedding menus.

Updated takes on deviled eggs, mini quiches and souffles, or even poached eggs make for yummy appetizers, while a fried egg makes a great, if messy, addition to sliders.

Pair Classics with Seasonal Pieces

Chicken and fish remain mainstays on wedding menus, but you can make yours sing with the addition of seasonal sides, like grilled asparagus, roasted peppers, or artichoke hearts.

Another way to infuse seasonal flavor is through the use of marinades and dressings. Think citrus or fresh herbs, many of which are at their peak in the spring.