Find the Picture Perfect Wedding Venue for You!

Find Your Picture Perfect Wedding Venue

Leann and Tucker found a “picture perfect” wedding venue, in Texas Old Town. Photo credit: Tony Elena Smith Photo

Few decisions will have a larger impact on your wedding day than where you choose to wed. With that in mind, it is really no wonder that many brides feel overwhelmed when trying to find their perfect wedding venue! It’s not usually due to a lack of great spaces, either, but rather the fact that sometimes simply determining precisely which venue is going to be the best for their specific needs, can seem a bit tricky. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can begin narrowing your choices, and today we’re here to help explain these steps, so you can find the perfect venue for you!

Consider When and Where You Want to Wed

  1. Many people think they have to set a specific wedding date before picking a venue, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, we have found it’s often beneficial to go into planning with a general idea of when you hope to wed, but open to date suggestions based on when your dream wedding vendors are available, like when your favorite wedding venue has an opening, for instance.

Simply knowing the season you plan to wed can really help you narrow selections based on whether each venue’s accommodations will suit the needs you’ll have in that particular season. It also increases your chances of landing your dream wedding team!

  1. Again, you don’t need to know what street you want to wed on, to begin finding potential venue selections. A general idea is all you really need to start narrowing your search.

For instance, if you know you want to say your “I do’s” in the church you grew up in, look at reception spaces within a 30 mile radius of that location. Or, if you know you and your fiancé want to wed in the town where you met, look at areas of the city that you both love, and choose a venue accordingly.

Start Exploring and Looking at Your Options

  1. While online photos can be incredibly helpful in giving you an idea of what a space looks like, and obviously how many people it can hold, there is nothing quite like seeing a venue in person. So we highly recommend brides and grooms go view their options, in person, together, before making a decision.

Many venues will allow you to tour their spaces, with an appointment. Of course, you could also check to see if any open houses will be hosted.

Here at Texas Old Town, we host several events each year, that give brides an opportunity to tour the grounds! For instance, this spring we will be hosting our bi-annual Bridal Fair on February 12, 2017, a great chance to explore our rustic Austin wedding venue, and also to meet other potential wedding vendors. We will also be having our Bridal Garage Sale on March 26, 2017, another chance to explore our four unique wedding halls.