Fun New Takes on Groom’s Attire

Cool Groom Attire

Help your groom look his best on your big day!

Do you want your fiancé to look distinguished, even debonair on your wedding day? If so, are you feeling like a basic black suit just isn’t going to cut it when planning his wedding attire? Fortunately, there has never been a better time to be a groom. There are more choices than ever for the fashion forward thinking groom, so he can show off his unique style and still look totally handsome.

Don’t Settle for Black or Grey

One of the first decisions to be made, is whether black is really the right color of choice for your groom’s suit. Dark grey is one option, navy blue is another. Tip: nothing says you have to stick to a traditional color palette, at all.

We have seen some great alternatives lately, including maroon, green, a light grey, cobalt blue or even an ivory linen. For the particularly bold groom, you could even consider a pattern like a nice check or a classic pinstripe.

Suits Are Optional, Of Course

If your groom wants to skip the jacket altogether, there are even more options, from khaki pants with a white button up shirt and suspenders, to cool grey slacks with a patterned bowtie. Even nice jeans look great when paired with a  classic jacket, and they’re especially perfect for a rustic wedding.

And when it comes to shoes, don’t feel the need to force your groom into ill-fitting or simply awkward dress shoes, if those are not his style. From cowboy boots to Converse sneakers, it’s more important that your groom avoid cold feet, than wear super fancy dress shoes.