Fun Wedding Day Surprises for Your Fiance

What Should You Give Your Groom

Cufflinks or a watch are classic gift choices for your groom!

While many wedding traditions have been forgotten or even rejected, over the years, one that is still going strong is the tradition for couples to give wedding gifts to one another. If you’re not sure what to gift your fiance, on your big day, we’re here to help with some tips and ideas. From things to wear to his favorite spirit, the way to your man’s heart might just be through a thoughtful wedding gift he can enjoy for years to come, or fun memories that will last a lifetime!

What Would Your Fiance Like Now and Later?

Watch – make sure your groom makes it to the church on time with a timeless time piece he’ll feel proud to wear. It’s also a gift that can serve as a daily reminder of how much you love him. Engrave the back with a personal touch, like your anniversary date, for instance, so he’ll never forget.

Cufflinks – they may seem overly traditional, but cufflinks are still a fun and thoughtful gift, and one your groom can wear long after your wedding day is done. Opt for ones that celebrate his favorite sports team, band or hobby, or engrave them for added personality and fun!

Flask – speaking of engraving, why not gift him a one-of-a-kind flask, and a bottle of his favorite liquor to fill it with? This is perfect for a little pre-gaming with his buds, before the reception begins. If your groom is not much of a whiskey drinker, you could give him a personalized Yeti mug instead, perfect for filling with his favorite coffee or cocoa for those long commutes.

A Honeymoon Adventure – chances are you and your fiance have already planned your honeymoon together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise him on your wedding day. Has he always wanted to go scuba diving or parasailing? Book his dream adventure for him!

Photos Just for Him – boudoir sessions are gaining in popularity, the resulting photos can make for a truly unique gift for your groom, come wedding day. Just make sure you ask him to open it in private.

Whatever You Give Him, Make Sure He Knows How Much You Love Him

Whatever gift you choose, make sure to include a handwritten note he can open in private, at some time before the wedding begins. This is especially thoughtful and important if you won’t be seeing each other before the wedding. A note is a great way to let him know how excited you are to become his wife, and something he can treasure and look back on years from now.