Get Engaged? What You Should Do Right Now

Engaged? how to Start Wedding Planning

Congrats on your holiday engagement! Now let the fun of wedding planning begin!

Did you get the greatest present of all over the holiday season? Was it a shiny, new engagement ring? If so, you might have spent the last few weeks excitedly telling all your friends and family the epic story of your proposal. But now, it’s time to start wedding planning! The good news is that a new year is actually a great time to start planning your upcoming wedding. Best of all, there are some really simple steps you can take while you’re still training yourself to write 2017!

Pick a Venue and a Date, Preferably In That Order

Many brides-to-be get bogged down in wanting to make all the big decisions at once, instead of taking planning one step at a time. Taking on too much is a great way to get overwhelmed, though, so start slowly and smartly instead.

In general, the most important decisions to make early on are when and where you will wed. Once these key decisions have been made, Save-the-Dates can be purchased and mailed out (which is great since these should generally be sent several months before the wedding).

While many couples think that choosing when they’ll wed is the natural first step in wedding planning, it can actually be helpful to choose where first, since many venues book up quickly. Being open to several dates can help increase your chance of landing your dream wedding venue, and other key vendors, for that matter.

Choosing your wedding date and venue can also help you find a great team of vendors who have worked there, and preferably together, before!

Plus, knowing when and where you’ll wed can also help you choose a wedding dress accordingly.