How Do I Pick My Wedding Color Scheme?

Choosing Wedding Colors

Hoping to choose a gorgeous, timeless color scheme for your big day? We can help!

Wedding planning can be tons of fun, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. There are simply so many choices to be made, after all, it can be tough deciding where to start. Once you do begin the planning process, you might might feel it is even tougher to figure out how all those choices will come together, to create a cohesive celebration. Fortunately, choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be complicated, and a stylish color scheme is one of the simplest and best ways to make sure your wedding day is picture perfect!

Get Inspired By Seasonal Elements

If you have chosen when you will wed, that can be a great starting point in deciding what colors will be perfect for your big day. Look to flowers that will be in season, as a starting point for your color palette. Not only do seasonal flowers look best, but they can also help you save big money (because they shouldn’t require expensive shipping).

If you have chosen an outdoor wedding venue, look at what will be blooming to help set your color palette. That way your flower and décor choices compliment the natural beauty your venue – and Mother Nature – will offer.

Let Your Favorite Colors Be a Cue

If you want to make your fiancé feel represented, and involved, why not let his favorite color serve as inspiration, as well. Chances are there is a way to make his favorite color and yours work well together, even if it’s not, at first, a natural pairing.

For instance, you might think his love of bright red and your love of soft pink seem too Valentine’s Day-themed to work for your wedding, but mixing in a variety of other shades in your floral arrangements, would be an easy way to make the colors work great together, without seeming too thematic.

Does he love a sleek black or grey? Those are actually perfect shades for groomsmen’ suits, bridesmaids’ dresses, and even table linens. Pair it with bright flowers for a summer wedding, or winter whites, and you’ve got a sophisticated look that will appeal to both your fiancé’s taste and yours.