Keep Your Cool at Your Summer Wedding

Can You Keep Guests Cool?

Keep guests cool at your summer wedding with refreshing beverages and other simple touches!

The temperatures might be plummeting right now, but for those brides in the throes of summer wedding planning, it might be the heat that they’ve got on their minds. Are you a summer bride, particularly curious how on earth you can help to keep yourself and your guests nice and cool, during those hot summer months? Outdoor weddings are particularly popular during the summer months; they can also be incredibly beautiful and fun. Just make sure you’ve got a surefire plan how to beat the heat!

Outdoor Weddings Call for Special Considerations

Whether you’re hosting an afternoon wedding or one in the early evening, if your guests will spend any time outdoors, it is best to be prepared for heat, particularly in areas like here in Texas.

  • Have plenty of cold beverages ready to be served while guests wait for your ceremony or reception to begin. Yes, signature cocktails are a lot of fun. Just make sure there is also plenty of water (consider adding fresh fruit or cucumber slices to help make it extra refreshing) to help provide proper hydration!
  • Fans or umbrellas can also help keep guests cool. You could even rent a large white tent strictly to provide shade (though it could also shield guests from any potential rain). These are all good options, and perhaps necessities, if you’ll be hosting your entire wedding outdoors!
  • Make sure your invitation makes it clear that guests will be spending time outdoors, this way they can dress accordingly, and wear plenty of sunscreen! As a courtesy, it’s also wise to have several bottles of sunscreen, bugspray, and even extra sunglasses for guests to use. (A great tip: flip flops are a fun favor idea for summer weddings, and one that can help guests kick off their heels to hit the dance floor!)

What Else Do Summer Brides Need to Know?

When choosing a wedding venue, consider whether there is a combination of outdoor and indoor space. While many brides and grooms like the idea of an outdoor wedding ceremony, not all want to spend the entire wedding day outside. Choosing a venue that offers a mix of spaces is a great way to keep guests comfortable and cool, while still hosting the wedding of your dreams!

Also, if your venue is particularly spacious, or will require a lot of walking from the ceremony site to the reception area, consider having a golf cart on standby, to help guests that might be particularly susceptible to the heat, or any that won’t be able to walk long distances.