Mom of the Bride? Here’s What to Wear and Remember

Mother of the Bride? Feel Your Best

Wondering how to feel your best on your daughter’s big day? We can help!

As mother of the bride you likely have a lot on your plate, from helping to plan reception details to helping your daughter/bride-to-be find her dream wedding dress. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take time to feel and look your best, when her wedding day rolls around. From choosing your dress, to squeezing in time for a manicure (and maybe a facial or a massage!), here are our best tips for making sure you feel and look great on the big day. After all, your are truly a VIP – you’re the mother of the bride! Enjoy it, with this simple advice.

A Light Color OR One Within the Wedding Colors, Dress or Pants, Up to You

Many formal wedding traditions are no longer followed to a tee, and for you, that means that you’re no longer expected, much less required, to show up to your daughter’s wedding wearing a light colored gown, or even a dress at all.

Instead, shop for something you feel great in, first and foremost, and secondly, something that fits the overall style of the wedding. That means, it’s totally fine to pick a great pantsuit, or even a sexy jumpsuit, for your daughter’s fall wedding, or a more casual, kneelength dress for an outdoor, spring celebration.

Unless the bride has specific stipulations she’s outlined for you, most likely she simply wants you to be there, to support her, looking stylish, yet comfortable enough to dance the night away, once the reception is underway. (A comfy pair of flats is highly recommended!)

Don’t Forget the Manicure

For DIY brides, and their moms, it’s all-too-easy to get wrapped up in decorating the ceremony and reception space, lose track of time, and end up not being completely put together in time for photos.

From having curlers in your hair (and no makeup) during getting ready shots, to realizing you forgot to get a mani/pedi, during formal family photos… there are a few great ways you can avoid this panic, and it centers on making yourself a priority.

Yes, you want to help your daughter have the day of her dreams. But you being present – and feeling great –is a big part of that.

Easy ways to do this?

  • Delegate day of tasks to the wedding coordinator, a trusted friend or relative (one who won’t be needed for formal photo ops).
  • Set your own timeframe an hour before the bride’s, that way you can show up for her getting ready photos with your makeup already on and your hair completed, or at least presentable (this is, of course, only necessary if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of being less polished in these getting ready shots).

Choose a venue that allows you to do much of the setup early, as in the night before the wedding. This way, on wedding day, you only have to worry about yourself and your daughter, not last minute decorating!