New Wedding Traditions We Think You’ll Love

New Wedding Traditions You'll Love

Wedding traditions don’t have to be cheesy or feel forced. Do what’s right for you, like our couple Caley and Justin, who opted for a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle!
Photo by: Tony Elena Smith

Sure, many wedding traditions are no longer commonplace, and many have been shirked altogether. Your parents probably won’t be giving your groom a goat or gold coins, or a dowry at all. And you probably won’t be literally tying your hands together, though that was long tradition in many cultures. That doesn’t mean there aren’t new wedding traditions that can help make your day all the more meaningful. Most importantly, just make sure you choose to celebrate your union in a way that works for the two of you. After all, truly meaningful and personalized weddings will never go out of style.

How Can You Make the Most of This Special Day?

Letters to one another are a great idea, and also a wonderful way to connect with each other, even if you won’t be seeing one another before the ceremony. Taking a second to read these letters in private is a great way to calm your nerves on your wedding day.

Since wedding videography has become increasingly popular in recent years, another option is to record private messages to one another on the day of your wedding. Share hopes for your future, or your feelings on such a momentous occasion. You will love looking back on these messages years in the future.

You could also invite your wedding guests to do the same, namely to record their best advice and happy wishes to you.

Enjoy the Moment with a Quick Look Back

The wedding day can be a blur of activity, so why not ask your officiant to give you a second, once you both reach the altar, to take a look back at your guests. This is a great way to take in just how much love and support you really have, as you start this next chapter.

Enjoy a Unity Element

Whether you want to light a unity candle, have a sand ceremony, share communion or even have your own whiskey ceremony, many couples find it can be incredibly meaningful to share some kind of act of uniting. This is also and maybe especially true if you will be blending families. In fact, there are lots of unity ceremonies specifically designed with this in mind. You can also invite your parents to participate, since they will be part of your new family, as well.