Month: January 2017

What’s the Right Venue for You? Part One

Now that you are engaged – yay – are you looking for the perfect wedding venue for your big day? Few choices will have a larger impact on the overall look and feel of your wedding day than where you choose to wed. Finding the right space can help set the tone for the decorations,… Read more »

How Do I Pick My Wedding Color Scheme?

Wedding planning can be tons of fun, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. There are simply so many choices to be made, after all, it can be tough deciding where to start. Once you do begin the planning process, you might might feel it is even tougher to figure out how all those… Read more »

Mom of the Bride? Here’s What to Wear and Remember

As mother of the bride you likely have a lot on your plate, from helping to plan reception details to helping your daughter/bride-to-be find her dream wedding dress. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take time to feel and look your best, when her wedding day rolls around. From choosing your dress, to squeezing… Read more »

Fun Wedding Day Surprises for Your Fiance

While many wedding traditions have been forgotten or even rejected, over the years, one that is still going strong is the tradition for couples to give wedding gifts to one another. If you’re not sure what to gift your fiance, on your big day, we’re here to help with some tips and ideas. From things… Read more »

Skip the Bridal Shop When Searching for Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Are you in the process of planning your wedding, and feeling bad about asking your bridesmaids to spend hundreds of dollars on dresses you know they’ll never actually want to wear again? While it is improtant to remember that this is your big day, and the people that love you will do all they can… Read more »

Delightful Dishes Perfect for Your Spring Wedding

It might still be cold in your part of the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning your spring wedding. In fact, now is likely the ideal time to finalize some of the finer details of your wedding celebration, for instance, what delicious items you’ll be serving your guests! If you,… Read more »

What Should I, and Shouldn’t I, Wear to My Friend’s Wedding?

Is one of your friends getting married soon? If so, your excitement might soon be met with confusion about what to wear. While many of the rules once assigned to weddings and receptions have gone with the wind, so to speak, there are still a few hard and fast rules all wedding guests should adhere to…. Read more »

Get Engaged? What You Should Do Right Now

Did you get the greatest present of all over the holiday season? Was it a shiny, new engagement ring? If so, you might have spent the last few weeks excitedly telling all your friends and family the epic story of your proposal. But now, it’s time to start wedding planning! The good news is that… Read more »

Keep Your Cool at Your Summer Wedding

The temperatures might be plummeting right now, but for those brides in the throes of summer wedding planning, it might be the heat that they’ve got on their minds. Are you a summer bride, particularly curious how on earth you can help to keep yourself and your guests nice and cool, during those hot summer… Read more »

Get Inspired by These Bridal Style Trends

Few parts of wedding planning can be as exciting as wedding dress shopping. In fact, rarely does a single moment of planning compare to the elation a bride-to-be experiences when she looks in the mirror and realizes she has found her dream wedding dress. When it comes time to shop, though, don’t become overwhelmed by… Read more »